Why Choose ICTSAT?

We’re not tied to any one satellite network, and we can connect you to any provider in Europe, so we can be straight with you about your options and your choices.

We want to ensure you get the satellite product that’s right for you.  We’ve also worked to ensure that you get the best possible satellite broadband user experience and, of course, the best deal on the region.

•    Much higher connection speeds than the traditional satellite technologies
•    Much cheaper service prices compared with the traditional satellite technologies.
•    Proven Ka band technology (being used at USA and EU countries by hundred thousands of end-users)
•    Small end-user antennas (74 cm or 98 cm diameter)
•    Easy installation and commissioning process
•    Introducing service packages for consumer, enterprise and government markets
•    Dedicated technical support of ICTSAT (7x24) with high quality, adaptable and secure connectivity