Astra Connect

With Astra Connect you have a high-speed Internet connection wherever you live. Astra Connect frees you from the limitations of terrestrial Internet connections, and brings you fast, reliable broadband, anywhere. Astra’s satellite-based solution is unaffected by landscape and the satellite Internet signal is available everywhere.

Astra Connect service does not suffer from fade-out away from cities, and is available in all areas immediately. Whether you need broadband at the top of a mountain, in the middle of a field, or simply living in a rural hamlet – we can help you make the connection.

Astra Connect

Equipment and setup

The low cost equipment pack includes all you need to connect your computer or network to satellite broadband, and is made to the highest specifications for years of reliable use. It is truly “fit-and-forget”.
You can install the equipment yourself, quickly and simply, with a few basic tools and a little do-it-yourself skill, and our system needs no extra software to load onto your computer. If you prefer, for a modest fee, your chosen reseller will fit your dish and connect up your modem within days of ordering your Astra Connect package.



  • DVB-S/S2 modulation and coding
  • True MF-TDMA return link
  • Ethernet 10/100 baseT modem connection
  • Compact 100 cm dish
  • Combined LNB and 800mW transmitter
  • “Point-and-Play” alignment aid for do-it-yourself installation



Do-it-yourself installation

With a little do-it-yourself experience and a few common household tools, you can install your Astra Connect satellite kit yourself. All the hardware you need to connect your computer or network to our satellite internet platform is included in the equipment pack supplied.

Do-it-yourself installation is a simple step-by-step process:


  • Unpack and assemble your dish and iLNB on a suitable wall or ground mount
  • Set the approximate dish angle and direction according to the instructions in the manual
  • Connect and turn on your modem and accurately point the dish using your Point&Play tool
  • Sit back and watch your modem automatically connect to the internet (no software to download)
  • Go surf!